Watch Biz Stone demo Jelly on Google Home.

Ok Google, ask Jelly...

Get answers using the power of Google Home and the human touch of Jelly.

“Ok Google, ask Jelly…What do men find attractive when reading online dating profiles?"

- When you have a subjective or personal question

“Ok Google, ask Jelly, What's the name of that tire patching place in San Rafael that's just a dude?"

- Ask Jelly to get the answer you didn’t know you needed

“Ok Google, ask Jelly, What’s an easy way to make, low carb, high protein vegetarian dinner?"

- Ask Jelly when you have a lot of details

Talk to Jelly on Google Home

Jelly is here to help, for the questions that are bit more complicated.

You need an opinion.

When the internet doesn’t know.

You’re not sure how to say it.

It’s subjective or personal.

How to activate Jelly

It’s as easy as 1, 2.


Say the magic words:

“Ok Google, ask Jelly..."

Get your answer:

You’ll either get an answer instantly or we’ll find someone to answer it for you.


Then, we’ll deliver an answer
—wherever you are.

Try it!

“Ok Google, ask Jelly…”

Don’t have a Google Home?