About how long does it take to get through customs and immigration in Hong Kong?

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3 Answers
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At HKG, Singapore Airlines is in Terminal 1 and Bangkok Airways is in Terminal 2. There is an "Automated People Mover (APM)" that transports people between the terminals every 2-4 minutes, so that should not be a significant time concern. Since you are switching airlines for your connecting flight, you will need to go through immigration, customs, and baggage claim in Terminal 1, and then get to Terminal 2 departures to check in for your Bangkok airlines flight. If the lines at immigration and customs are unusually long, you may have an issue making your connecting flight. But under normal conditions, you should be able to make it to Terminal 2 within 60-90 minutes of landing at HKG.
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It could be 1.5 to 2 hours if lines are long. If you don't have anything to declare, you can breeze through customs and it will all depend on the immigration lines.

All told, I hear it's about 45 minutes on average.
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Thank you. I'm flying to HKG on Singapore Airlines, but then I have a flight on Bangkok Airways. There should be about 3 hours in between the flights. Do you think I will have enough time to get my bags, go through customs etc... and check in on Bangkok Airways? Will I have to go through immigration too or will there be a way to get my bag and go back into the airport to check in for the second flight?
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If you are transferring to another flight without leaving the airport you may not be required to pass through immigration at all. You probably want to double check with your travel agent or ask the a...More

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