Where to find tutors? numerical programming complex statistics & maths? I interviewed 6 tutors with PhDs & not 1 of em understood problems

  • They didn't understand the maths or computers. Some with Berkeley phd
  • 2nd with phd from Stanford didn't understand maths or computing probs
  • I'm stuck and I need help and I feel like I teach tutors to do maths.

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4 Answers
Christopher M Neumann57 helpful answers
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If you are having trouble with tutors then go to the library and check out books on the subject of your choice. Otherwise ask your teacher to be your tutor or to at least explain the answers.
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Cheyive had many tutors
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Why don't you find the professors who teach the subjects you want to learn and ask them for a tutoring referral. Since you seem to be asking questions that very few people understand, that seems like your best bet to find a legit tutor.
The question asker
Damn jelly. Fix that quadruple posting error.
No worries. You're smarter than I am Silicon Valley elites.

I'm just a guy who can't make the stupid computer do maths for him
The question asker
Wtf? It's truly not rocket science. But I literally asked a rocket scientist for help and they couldn't figure out any of the problems I was stuck on. My teachers say it's simple maths. Like an idiot could do it. Literally. And it's like I feel like the dumbest one in my class. And I'm almost certain I'm in the lower rung of talent. Wtf?? Do I live in an intellectual dead-zone on the map of planet earth or something ??

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