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4 Answers
Zedalve242 helpful answers
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I saw that in my grocery store yesterday. It is called jackfruit
More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackfruit
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Eric W
Super cool food. Has a texture of meat so it's a good substitute for if you want to be healthy. I make a jackfruit fajita taco that's super nice. 🌮🌮🌮
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Vic LoveExperience
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I picked a 65 lb. Jackfruit once in Hawaii. Inside is a yellow to orange flesh covering many seeds. It is the unripe jackfruit that is prepared as a meat substitute. The ripe jackfruit is where they got the flavor for "Juicy Fruit Gum", yes, that is the exact flavor. Eat if fresh, it is very juicy, or dry the flesh for an amazing nutrient rich fruit leather.
Sharafat SiddiquiNew on Jelly
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It is called Jackfruit. Apparently this the national fruit Bangladesh, a South Asian country. Yet this fruit is pretty tricky.
SarathNew on Jelly
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This is a popular fruit in our state kerala (India) . we called it Chakka in our language malayalam . every home in kerala should have one or more Chakka Tree(Plavu ). we used to make several verity of food items using Chakka , including Chakka chips , Chakka puzhuku , Chakka Thoran , Chakka payasam (Very Delicious). we also the use Chakka seed to make curry.

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