Has anyone here successfully used exercise to relieve some of the symptoms of depression? #askjelly

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4 Answers
Adrian ValdezFitness Consultant at Anytime Fitness
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It's honestly one of the best means of doing so. As long as you do it on a consistent basis
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Fabian MonhemiusIt helped for me!
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Yes, I run two times a week with a group of people, I love running in nature now. I met new people, made new friends.
If I don't run for a week, it clearly shows in my behavior and mindset.
Find an exercise you like doing, maybe do it with friends, or make new friend as sports clubs ect.
Fiona Farley2 helpful answers
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Depending on your depression the amount of time spent whilst exercising is the key. Exercise can have positive benefits to help relieve the symptoms however studies suggest the amount of time spent doing exercise is important. Because we put our bodies in a state of stress when exercising, this added factor can have a negative impact on someone who is suffering from severe depression, as their body is already in a state of stress. Limiting to ten,fifteen and maximum twenty minutes each time would be the most benefit. Then as time gradually goes by, increase the session times of exercise .
susanI swim regularly and it I wonderful.
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I think exercise make you happy for lots of reasons. Don't know about clinical depression, but it hue your chance to take a break, feel good about your body, and just be happy.

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