How can I improve my putting?

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5 Answers
Casey Murray12 helpful answers
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key to better putting is distance control. if you can put it the right distance, even if your putt is offline you will have a short next putt. Most 3 putts occur from poor distance control. Take five balls to the putting green, putt the first ball to a spot 10 ft away. Then put the next four balls towards the first ball but try to make them go just past the first ball. when you can do that for all 5 balls, you are ready for the course.
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jake mcclure289 helpful answers
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Depending on your handicap, you might find Dave Pelz - Putting Bible to be's the most exhaustive resource on putting. Changed my game for good.
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brad3 helpful answers
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Playing in your kitchen or a place with hardwood may help. You can go on Amazon and get a putt returner.…
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javier benavidesNew on Jelly
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Find a level putting green and set up markers 4,8,12,15, and 20 feet away with tees. Grab a bunch of balls and practice putting as close as you can to these markers with your eyes closed. Maybe put 5 balls to the 4 foot marker with your eyes closed then open your eyes and see how well you grouped your balls, then move on to another marker. This will really help out your distance control
Albert918 helpful answers
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One drill I like to use is to set four balls up around the hole, all at an equal distance, and go around them clockwise, hitting each one in. If you miss one, you have to start over. Once you get all four in you move them each back about 6 inches and do it again!

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