What do I do with my chronically critical husband?

  • He always expects me to do too much after a long day of work ...
  • He doesn't care if it's midnight, wants me to up to spend time w/him!
  • If he helps watch our child while I work, he blames & guilts me later!

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3 Answers
Rebecca3043 helpful answers
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See if you can talk with him. I recommend talking with him from a place of love, empathy and vulnerability. I believe you'll receive much more fruitful results.

Read about non-violent communication. It's changed the way I communicate in all of my relationships and is so helpful. http://www.nonviolentcommunication.com/aboutnvc/4p…
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DarrenNew on Jelly
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Tell him you will smack him in the face with a something random from the rubbish bin next time he doesn't consider his words.
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The question asker
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Tell him how you feel. When you talk to him tell him what you need instead of what he should or shouldn't be doing. He may get defensive if you point fingers. If he doesn't take your feelings into consideration then I recommend couples counseling.

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