What is the difference between 😬 and 😁?

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7 Answers
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hoonoo754 helpful answers
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When we visited France, our friends told us it is primarily a regional difference, and how they eat it is very different, as well.
Both are not eaten until they become "ripe." That means when you press on the outer skin, it "gives" under gentle pressure. If you purchase it unripe, you can make it ripen faster by keeping it out of the refrigerator.
Once it's ripe, eat right away.
Brie is eaten at room temp with loaves of crusty French bread. Cut into triangles, eaten with the chewy, outer skin. (don't dig out the soft center: bad manners) Brie has a creamy taste.
Camembert is soaked in water inside its round, wood box; then buried in the coals of a fire. (If it comes with a wrapper, remove the wrapper first!) After about 5 or 10 minutes, pull the box, with the cheese in it, out of the fire; let cool; open and enjoy with French bread. Camembert has a nuttier taste, but is also wonderful.
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PAUL BOAG2 helpful answers
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User experience encompasses everything that might impact their interaction with a brand. User interface focuses on interfaces only.

So for example how a user is treated via social media is a part of the experience but doesn't involve a user interface.

Or what about a return policy on an ecommerce site. That impacts the experience but doesn't involve an interface.
Seth J. Connell64 helpful answers
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One is a pretend, nervous smile, the other is a comfy smile 😁
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Rebecca3043 helpful answers
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While they appear similar, there are many differences. As for taste, brie has a softer more buttery finish, which camembert is a bit funkier and more earthy taste. Brie is whiter in color and camembert is more of a yellow-ish tint. If you are looking for a more mild cheese, I would go for brie. Read more and compare here: http://www.popsugar.com/food/Brie-vs-Camembert-323…
Abby4 helpful answers
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One is like nervous/ tense and the other is happy and not worried.
Chris2845 helpful answers
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I find this emoji to be the most confusing. They are the same thing. It is a grinning face. To me it looks like they are upset or constipated. But it is a grin. I guess it is a positive thing.
Matt334 helpful answers
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constipation vs. post-constipation imho.

Check this out: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/04/12/…

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