Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Jelly?

    Jelly is a new kind of search engine, without ads, that finds people with experience in the area of your question and delivers helpful answers directly to you.

  2. Do people know what I’m asking?

    Your questions are kept anonymous whether you create an account or not. Please feel free to ask anything.

  3. Why should I use Jelly?

    Jelly uses technology to match your anonymous question with people who have the experience, the opinion, and the will to provide a good answer.

  4. When should I use Jelly?

    Use Jelly anytime. When you’ve exhausted researching the web, and you feel awkward asking your social media friends, then you might want to try asking Jelly. Or if you’re at a party and don’t want to be, “that person on your phone,” you can ask quickly and get back to talking with people. Jelly will let you know when you have an answer.

  5. Can I use Jelly without signing up?

    Sure thing. Use Jelly to ask questions without making an account. If you want to answer questions, you’ll need to sign up—it’s quick, simple, and free. During the beta period, you will need an account to use Jelly on the web.

  6. How do I ask a question?

    You can use or Jelly for iOS. The first thing you’ll see is a familiar search box. Start typing and then press “Ask Jelly” to submit your question.

  7. Should I add an image to my question?

    If you like. Sometimes you may want to add your own image because its a key element to your question and far easier to explain than words. Jelly also suggests images based on your question for you to use or not use. Up to you.

  8. Who answers my questions?

    People who have signed up and signaled to Jelly that they would like content in certain topics sent to them for answering. The “Helpful” number on their profile goes up and they become known as helpful in certain topics. More than that, they enjoy answering.

  9. How do you make sure questions get to the people who can give helpful answers?

    Our system is a mix of algorithm and people and it’s getting smarter all the time.

  10. Can I answer questions too?

    Of course. If you sign up, we’ll ask you some areas of interest. As you answer questions and interact with the system, you should find that the content we send you gets increasingly relevant.

  11. Where do I go to answer questions?

    When you sign in, you’ll see the same, obvious search field. Below that will be your Home Feed. This is where questions for you can be found as well as bits of other content we think you might like to know about based on your interests.

  12. Where do I see other interesting questions?

    You can see other questions on the web by clicking Explore Topics or type in a specific topic to find questions inside of it. On iOS, “Topics” are represented by “hashtag” symbol, #. If you see a topic that interests you, click or tap the, “I’m Interested” button. Some content in that topic will be sent to your Home Feed.

  13. What’s the little person icon on the iOS menu mean?

    That’s your profile if you’re signed in. Fill it out and see what topics you’re most helpful in. See all your answers and notifications in one place.

  14. If I give you my email, will you spam me mercilessly?

    Never. We use your email to send you notifications such as answers to your questions and you can easily turn these off from within the email itself, or by visiting your profile and choosing Settings to turn off all email from us.

  15. Do you really need to send me notifications?

    That’s the way we let you know what’s going on in the simplest way. You ask Jelly and get back to your life. We’ll let you know when you have an answer.

  16. What is the difference between Jelly and a traditional, established Q&A service?

    Jelly is a search engine, not a Q&A site. Jelly has a broad and growing index of people who have signaled to Jelly that they would like content of certain types routed to them. When you ask a question, it’s anonymous. Jelly does the work of categorizing your question and sending it to the people interested in helping in that category.

For additional inquiries, please e-mail